ce coursesCORE CE Credit Approved Classes:

REPC/Addenda/Double Contracts (Core), 2 Hour CE Credit
• Distinguish between addenda and counter offers
• Avoid practicing law by using approved Real Estate forms
• Craft a precise and understandable addendum and counter offer

Vesting & Ownership from “A to Z” (Core), 2 Hour CE Credit
• Understand what is necessary to convey property out of different entities (i.e. individuals, corporations, trusts, etc…)
• Know how entities hold title
• Understand the components and signers of each entity
• know who can sell a property or sign the contract to sell based on ownership

Understanding 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, (Core) 2 Hour CE Credit
• Understand the basics of a 1031 Exchange with its rules and    regulations
• Recognize when the use of a 1031 Exchange would be beneficial
• Educate your clients as to the flexibility of replacement properties
• Have a basic understanding of complex exchanges

Pros & Cons of Alternative Sales/Financing Options, (Core) 2 Hour CE Credit
• Distinguish between legal, ethical, and practical regarding different sales and financing options
• Educate clients regarding risk factors when engaged in alternate sales/financing methods
• Safeguard clients when considering lease options, seller carry back, etc.

CE Approved Classes:

Creating a Brand, 2 Hour CE Credit
• Do It Yourself
• Defining your target audience
• Story Branding
• Brand Messaging
• Defining your Core Values

Staying Top of Mind Without Annoying Your Audience, 2 Hour CE Credit
• What you are doing that is hurting your business
• How to create engaging content
• Personal branding
• Social Media Tips and Tricks

Instagram for Business, 2 Hour CE Credit
• Using the dashboard
• Ad Placement
• Analytics
• Apps and Tools for better content

Deep Dive Facebook Ads, 2 Hour CE Credit
• Ads Manager Platform
• What types of ads to use and why
• Tools
• Analytics
• Target Demographics

Geo-WHAT?!, 1 Hour CE Credit
• What is location based targeting
• Defining your target audience
• What types of targeting are available
• How to use geo-targeting to grow your business

How to Spend Your Marketing Dollars, 1 Hour CE Credit
• Personal Marketing Analysis
• How to allocate your marketing dollars
• What is considered marketing?

Google Tools for Business, 2 Hour CE Credit
• How to get your business shown on google/maps
• Google My Business
• Google Adwords
• Google Analytics

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*Real Estate Core approved.


CE Classes are approved by the Division of Real Estate for Continuing Education Credit.

Training and Workshops all 45 minutes to One Hour in length, depending on need.